The 5 Most Common Wine Myths Debunked

Throughout life you will be lied to, that’s just life! We are here to clear up some you’ve heard in the world of wine.

It’s easy to reel off something you’ve heard faintly in the past to someone to give the impression that you are indeed an expert on the subject but no one wants to be corrected and be made to look stupid.

There are a lot of myths around wine that people spread. After all, it’s a subject with a lot of opinions and topics.

We are here to debunk some of these to clear the confusion.

Here are the five most common wine myths debunked.


All Wines Improve With Age

This mainly comes from the well known saying ‘aged like fine wine’ while it applies to probably about 10% or less. Most wine does not improve over a length of time, this mainly goes for the most expensive and grandeur wines from the likes of Italy and France.

They are specifically made and designed to be stored for hundreds of years after they are put on the market.

Don’t be worried about cracking open that bottle that you have been saving in hopes that it improves.


More Expensive The Bottle Must Mean The Better The Wine

Some of the best-valued bottles on the market range from about £10-20.

The reason for this myth is due to many specific things. This includes great marketing, press coverage, influence from celebrities, and the perception of quality being sold to people.

Blind taste constantly debunks this myth. There is no connection between how much people like wine and it’s the price.

Don’t pay with your ego. Find the wine best for you!


Corks Are Better Than Screw Caps

A lot of experts believe corks are better than screw caps and this may just come from an aesthetic point of view.

There is a common misconception that screw caps taint a wine’s flavour when long term research has proved that screw caps are better to corks in protecting the wine.

One of every ten corked bottles will suffer from something called ‘cork taint’ this is mainly caused by bacterium 2,4,6 TCA. When the corks have been infected with this it transmits to the wine through connect causing it to spoil and often taste like ‘wet newspaper’


Wine Legs Are A Sign Of Quality

It has been said that ‘the thicker the legs, the better the quality of the wine.’ If you are unsure what wine legs are they are the tears that trickle down inside the surface of a wine glass.

The reason for this is a result of the Gibbs-Marangoni effect. Legs rarely mean nothing when it comes to the quality of the wine.


White Wine Should Be Served Ice Cold

You may have heard this once or twice throughout your journey with wine that white wine should be served ice cold while red wine is served at room temperature.

This is a myth, to achieve the best results with white wine make sure it is chilled instead so somewhere between ice cold and room temperature. If white wine is served ice cold then you are losing a lot of its flavours in its taste.

Make sure to find that perfect balance between ice cold and room temperature to find the best taste for your white wine.


Natural Wines Don’t Lead To Hangovers

This is maybe more of an old wives tale that natural wines don’t lead to you having hangovers the next morning, but as you might already know if you drink a lot of wine, even natural wines. You are still going to wake up in the morning with a hangover.

Natural wines are still an alcoholic drink and alcohol is what gives you the headache the next morning after drinking.

Don’t use a myth as an excuse to drink more than you should be having, make sure you are drinking responsibly.



So there we have it, there are normally the most five common misconceptions when it comes to wine.

There are still many more out there but we felt we needed to clear these up first! As always though, it is all down to your opinion. Don’t be scared to try and gain further knowledge by yourself.

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