How to Do a Tequila Shot

If you are reading this now, I’m guessing you might like the occasional shot or two when out for drinks with friends. When it comes to Tequila shots unless you are an expert or a big fan and do them regularly, you might not be aware of the correct way to do a shot of Tequila.

Tequila shots are great shots to do when out with friends, at parties and as you’d imagine they are a big hit with tourists when in Mexico. Keep reading this article if you would like to know all about Tequila, how to shot it and learn the odd Tequilla cocktail recipe to liven up your taste buds.


Ingredients You Will Need

To start off, before we get into it, let’s talk about what you will need in order to do a Tequila shot correctly, so the correct ingredients are as follows:

  • A pinch of salt
  • 1½ ounce of Tequila
  • A wedge of lime or lemon (worst case scenario an orange wedge can be used if you do not have either of these)


How to do The Shot

Gather your ingredients together, pour your Tequila shot preferably into a shot glass and have your lime or lemon wedge at the ready.

Lick the back of your hand to give it some moisture. Next, pour a pinch of salt onto the back of your hand – licking your hand will help the salt to stick.

Lick the salt from your hand and immediately down your shot of Tequila straight after – Next immediately after you swallow the Tequila bite into your lime or lemon and suck.

The taste of the salt pre-Tequilla lessens the burning sensation from the alcohol and the sour, bitter taste of the fruit after the shot enhances the flavour of the Tequila.


What to Remember

The secret to doing a Tequila shot correctly is to make sure you have the right ingredients and are doing them in the correct order. A common mistake that many tend to make is doing the steps in the wrong order. With the order of the lime and the salt mixed up or doing both the salt and lime after the shot itself. It is crucial to do it in the correct order if you want to shot Tequila in the right way, which is – salt Tequila lime.

Another way to remember this crucial order in an easier way is to remember ‘lick sip suck’, so lick from your hand, sip the shot down quickly and then suck the lime or lemon after to finish.


How The Mexicans Do it

Tequila connoisseurs, however, may tell you that this is not the preferred method to shot Tequila, as some may tell you that you should savour the taste of the Tequila along with the aroma, by drinking the shot slowly as opposed to downing it as fast as you can. Although the method of, salt Tequila then lime is a much more preferred and fun party way of doing it.


Some Useful Tequila Tips

When buying Tequila it is best to go for a quality Tequila as the cheaper brands and bottles are sure to bring you a much worse hangover, although even the most premium Tequilas won’t save you from a hangover if you’ve had one too many shots the night before, so please drink responsibly when drinking alcohol of any sort. Check out this post for some Tips to Help You Enjoy Tequila.


Some Tasty Tequila Recipes

If you’ve got your Tequila shots down and are now ready to try something new and spice things up with some Tequila based cocktails then do read on and enjoy.


El Vocho

Inspired by the Sangrita cocktail, for this drink you will blend up a mix of pineapple juice, fresh coriander and mint along with a shot of Tequila and there you have it! If you’re feeling extra spicy add a jalapeño into the mix for an edgy twist.


Wake the Dead

For all you coffee lovers out there and Espresso Martini fans then get to grips with this simple yet effective Tequilla shot recipe. Simply mix cold espresso with a coffee liqueur and finish off with a shot of Tequila and that’s it! – A coffee-fueled Tequilla based shooter to give you that hit of energy that will keep you dancing all night long.

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