How to Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Budget

Nothing quite beats a fresh change or a new outlook in spring and summer – when it is always a great time for a spring refresh and an update of your home.

Whether that be modernising, a move around or a fresh lick of paint, you don’t need to break the bank in order to update a home. You do not need to fork out for a brand new kitchen in order to make it feel new.

You might think updates to your kitchen might be harder to achieve than any other room in the house – without investing some serious cash.

This article is going to give you some tips on how to upgrade your kitchen on a budget so you can make some small changes to your kitchen that will have a big impact. If you are interested, continue reading if you would like to know some great kitchen design ideas for your overall home improvement.


Paint the Walls

A fresh lick of paint is an easy and simple way to spice up your kitchen. Even if you like the existing colour on your walls, if it hasn’t been painted in several years, you will benefit from a new paint coating.

Alter the shade slightly or maybe go for a big bold change, whichever you decide to do, it will sure make a lovely improvement to your kitchen – note that ceilings, window frames and skirting boards can all benefit from a fresh lick of paint in your kitchen too.


Update the Hardware and Cupboards

Replacing your kitchen cupboard doors or handles is a great way to update your kitchen units and therefore the whole look of your kitchen!

Replacing kitchen cupboard doors, door handles or both will give the effect of a brand new kitchen as cupboard space visually makes up a lot of a kitchen’s exterior, so, therefore, will make a huge impact and can bring a whole kitchen up to date in a simple and affordable way.


New Light Fixtures

This fairly small update can have a big impact! Don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices, statement lighting can be a focal point in your kitchen and you also do not even have to spend a lot.

Modern and bold lighting fixtures are available at many lost cost homeware shops, it is an easy way to update and refresh the whole look of your kitchen without updating the kitchen itself. Shop around both in-store and online until you find some lighting options that you love.



If you don’t want to pick up the paintbrush add a touch of personality in another way by adding art to your kitchen. Decorative touches like art are a great way to spice things up and are a great way to add some charm and fun to your kitchen.

You don’t even have to commit to attaching art to a wall, you could prop your art on a shelf for example and change it over regularly to keep things fresh.



Your kitchen appliances make up a large part of your kitchen and they can be costly to replace or update. To make your kitchen appliances feel shiny and new again, give them a good scrub inside and out. You should keep your used appliances if they still work, this will save you a lot of money which you can use to spend on other things to update your kitchen.

If you do want to add a touch of class and splash out on a new kitchen appliance then why not purchase a wine cooler for your kitchen. A wine cooler can be either integrated or built-in and if you are a lover of wine, will add something extra to your kitchen that will make your kitchen stand out from the rest.


Add Some Greenery

Greenery from plants in your kitchen will not only look fresh but will also help you feel uplifted too. Any dead space such as on top of kitchen cabinets or shelves can be filled with plants for a refreshing and natural look.

If sunlight is no on your side in hard to reach places such as on the top of cupboards, opt for some fake plants instead for those hard to reach areas. The look of real ones then is achieved without the need to look after them whilst still adding a touch of refreshing greenery to your space.

Do try and get some real plants in your kitchen as there are many benefits to having real house plants in homes. The benefits houseplants can bring include; improved mood, reduced stress levels, improved attention span and increased productivity to name a few.

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