What Are The Best Cuts Of Steak?

Whether it may be from our favourite cooking shows or personal experiences, we all have come to know and love steak.

For people who are inexperienced, finding the perfect cut for your steak can be overwhelming. The first step to every delicious steak is choosing a good cut of beef.

Supermarkets tend to have an assortment of cuts for your steak but the prices can be expensive.

Needless to say, plenty of people become lost in deciding which steak to buy. Luckily for you, this article will guide you to picking an ideal cut of steak.


Scotch Fillet

This cut is also commonly known as Ribeye. Much of an animal’s rich and juicy meat comes from its rib section. This cut makes it one of the most flavorful steaks out in the market.

The Scotch Fillet is guaranteed to satisfy anyone with its juices and texture.

It is important to understand that the scotch fillet is different from the eye fillet in terms of tenderness.

While still being among an ideal tender cut, the Scotch Fillet offers more flavour potential due to its balanced content of fat making it a firm choice to enjoy your steak.



The T-Bone cut is a quite famous cut and probably the picture that comes to mind at the mention of the word “steak.”

If you simply cannot decide what cut of steak you want to go with, then the T-bone cut is perfect for you. This steak tends to have a fillet and sirloin side, which both have different flavours as well as textures.

The T-bone cut offers the best of both worlds and ensures that your steak is both tender and juicy.

On the other hand, this particular cut of steak tends to be more costly as well as difficult to cook. If you are up to a challenge, then a well-cooked T-bone steak will make your taste buds tingle.


Eye Fillet

Anyone who is experienced in cutting stake will be able to tell you that the Eye Filletis simply a classic cut.

This cut of beef is often quite tender which makes it more enjoyable for people to eat.

This cut tends to be quite expensive but it is worth it. The lack of fat may sacrifice some taste, but the meat itself melts in your mouth.

A sufficient amount of steak gives it a significant amount of flavour, which this cut lacks but if you eat steak for texture, then this cut is definitely for you.



Although it may not be as affordable as before, the cut will give you value for your money, seeing how extremely balanced the flavour and tenderness are.

This cut is ideal for the amount of flavour it can contain. This steak is taken from the upper belly of the animal and famed for how tender it is.

This cut of beef is actually quite traditional for Mexican cuisine, where they marinate, grill, and serve the steak with a squeeze of lime juice.

If you want a tender and balanced steak then, the Hanger cut may just be what you are looking for.



Nothing is quite like a good Tenderloin steak. This steak cut originates from the short loin section of the animal.

Naturally, this high-quality cut of steak tends to be extremely expensive. If you are willing to pay extra, then you should treat yourself to a Tenderloin Steak.

The nature of the meat makes it the most tender cut on the market. It may lack flavour due to its lack of fat, but it sure made up for it with its texture and the steak being paired with a side order makes it delicious to eat.

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