Unusual Foods You Should Cook On A BBQ

It’s hard to dislike a good old fashioned BBQ. Whether you’re a meat-eater or a vegan, almost everyone can agree that a day spent with friends cooking food on the grill is a good way to spend time.

There’s a common misconception that BBQs are reserved for foods such as burgers and wings, but this isn’t true.

In fact, there are a whole host of other types of food you can try to spruce up your BBQ experience.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the more unusual foods you can cook on a BBQ. By using this helpful guide, you’ll be opening up a whole new set of possibilities in no time!


Tofu Skewers

Tofu has been one of the most popular foods in Eastern culture for over 2000 years, but it is now widely enjoyed all around the world.

There are plenty of good reasons for this, the main one being the delightful taste!

As well as having a great taste, tofu is low in calories and high in protein, so it’s a great food to eat if you’re looking to increase your overall protein intake and get lean.

You can enjoy tofu skewers by grilling them for around 3 to 4 minutes on each side and adding the marinade of your choice. With food such as tofu, the taste possibilities are endless.


Grilled Romaine Lettuce

That’s right, you can even grill lettuce and get great results. To do this, simply slice your lettuce lengthways, brush it lightly with oil, and begin the grilling process.

It’s best to grill lettuce lightly until it is slightly charred. This will really enhance the flavour, giving it a whole new edge.

It’s fun to get creative with grilled romaine lettuce. You can fill your sections with avocado, grilled tomatoes, and a whole host of other kinds of food to create a fun and healthy salad option for your BBQ.


Grilled Clams

If you’re a fan of fish, then this option is sure to go down well at your BBQ. Grilled clams are one of the tastiest seafood options out there and are very versatile.

Simply place your clams on the grill and turn them regularly. Wait for the clamshells to open. If they don’t open, throw them away.

Once the shells are open the cooking process is done and you can start to get creative.

Our tip is to add some garlic butter as this can really enhance the fishy flavour and will have you feeling nourished in no time.


Grilled Asparagus

Asparagus is one of the most simple foods to grill. Add a little salt, pepper, and oil, and grill your asparagus over high heat.

It will be obvious when the asparagus is ready as it will start to look somewhat charred and have a softer texture.

You can add grilled asparagus to almost any meal option you’d like, and they’re an absolutely excellent side dish. The added bonus is that it’s super healthy.


Grilled Pizza

When it comes to grilled pizza, there are different options. If you want to make your own pizza from scratch, you can grill the pizza bread, naan, or base of your choice.

Once you’ve done this, add your personal choice of toppings. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Alternatively, you can simply grill a frozen pizza. It truly is that simple, and it definitely mixes up the traditional method for pizza cooking.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It doesn’t get much better than a grilled cheese sandwich. Just butter a slice of bread and add it to the grill. After this, add your cheese of choice, then the final piece of bread.

Make sure you grill each side to your preferred standard. Whether you’re using mature cheddar or something more adventurous like brie, grilled cheese sandwiches are absolutely delicious and very filling!



So there you have it. Those are just a few of the most exciting and fulfilling ways you can spruce up your BBQ foods.

Next time you’re invited to your friend’s back garden for a BBQ, just tell them you’re bringing the clams and lettuce!

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