The Biggest Trends In Vegan Food We’ve Seen This Year

The rise of vegan food keeps growing, it’s now time to keep up with the biggest trends.

The year 2020 was another massive year for the rise of vegan food as more and more people are making the conscious choice to drop the meat and pick up plant-based alternatives.

Many major fast-food restaurants are even picking up on these trends and have added vegan choices on to their menu including KFC, Burger King, and even McDonalds all now have Vegan food on their menu.

But what has actually been people’s go-to choice when eating Vegan? There are a lot of delicious meals when it comes to vegan food that you must try!

Here are the biggest trends in vegan food this year.



Oats have always been a popular choice between vegans as it’s one of the perfect substitutes for milk and even in some cases meat. Brands like Oatly are constantly on the rise with more people trying out oat Milk due it’s amazing benefits it brings into a diet.

Taco Bell even brought out the ‘Oatrageous Taco’ which features pulled oats instead of meat showing that companies are now starting to listen to the demand of vegans and giving them suitable choices when it comes to ordering.

If you want an amazing dairy substitute from milk. Pick up a bottle of oat-milk and enjoy!


Vegan Eggs

You’ve probably heard more and more about vegan eggs hitting people’s plates. People are enjoying them scrambled, quiche, fried, and even in an omelette! If you are wondering how it’s possible to recreate Eggs for vegans.

Just Egg, a vegan plant-based alternative is made with turmeric and mung bean protein which create a very egg-like flavour and texture.

Vegan eggs are very nutritious and even similar to chicken eggs as they contain the same amount of calories and protein.

These are a brilliant choice to add to your breakfast from now on!


Dairy-Free Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate, don’t they? And everyone should be able to enjoy it. Dairy-Free chocolate has slowly been on the rise in the last ten years due to people who are lactose intolerant and now that more people are trying to remove dairy from their diet completely.

Chocolate brands are starting to reel out more chocolate for us to enjoy with major brands like Nestle and Mars bringing out new options that hit the shelves last year e.g. Mars’ Vegan Galaxy Bars.

There are also many new vegan chocolate bar brands coming up with beautiful bars to fill this demand in the market.


Plant-Based Chicken

2020 has truly been the year of the vegan chicken. Whatever way you like it – wings, fried or even chicken nuggets.

There has never been a better time for vegan chicken with many massive chicken-based fast-food chains like KFC constantly trying to bring out new alternatives to chicken.

You can start to expect more people following suit and bringing plant-based chicken on to their menus.


Vegan Cheese

It has also been another massive year for Vegan cheese as many chains found success with bringing this alternate on to the menu. Consumers want to be able to enjoy a vegan cheese-burger or pizza and they can expect to see it on more menus!

Chains like Pizza Hut and Domino’s have already been adding Vegan cheese to their pizzas with massive success.

Next time you are ordering, give it a try and maybe you will see what the hype is all about!



A constant staple in people’s diet and probably will never go out of fashion is our green vegetables, there are so many green vegetables out there for us to add and bring flavour to our meals it’d be stupid not to!

Not to mention the amazing health benefits you will reap from including greens like Broccoli, Kale to even Peas.

Make sure you are keeping it green.


Jump On The Bandwagon

With massive fast-food chains, we’d never think would even entertain the idea of having vegan options on their menu accepting that there is a great opportunity to include healthier options for people.

It is a great time to jump on the bandwagon as they’d say to try some vegan options in your diet and broaden your horizons.

If there’s any you’d like to add, comment below.

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