Top 5 Christmas Drinking Games

Christmas is the time of year for loved ones to get together and have fun – and alcohol combined with games is the ultimate recipe for fun!

You may be pushed into playing Cluedo or Trivial Pursuit which can be slightly fun (or not). However, it’s the season to be jolly – so why not bring alcohol into the mix and lift everyone’s spirits?

Drinking games are a great way of passing the time at family events, lifting spirits on Christmas day, and having fun with your friends.

Keep reading for some of the best Christmas drinking games for you to play with your friends, family, and even your mother in law!


1- Mulled Wine/ Eggnog Pong

This is the Christmas version of your standard beer pong. If you’re not sure how to play beer pong, then click here for a more detailed explanation.

Simply lay out some cups onto each end of a table so they form a pyramid – six cups should do it. Fill the cups halfway (or a shot full) with your Christmas tipple of choice – we recommend egg nog or mulled wine. You could add both so it’s essentially a lucky dip!

You need two teams to play this game. Each team stands at the opposite sides of the table and aims to throw a ping pong ball into the cups near the opposing team. If you land the ball into one of their cups, then they have to drink out of that cup – and vice versa!


2- Wreath of Fire

Have you ever heard of ring of fire? It’s the ultimate drinking game for students, pre-drinks, and parties.

Well, wreath of fire is the Christmas version, perfect for family parties, Christmas do’s and Christmas eve drinks with friends.

Place a pack of cards face down in a circle around a glass and each person takes it in turn to pick a card. Each card has a certain rule that could affect the person or others around the circle.

Instead of the standard rules, make up your own rules for each card. Ace can still be waterfall, (drink around the table until the main person stops), but why not make number 9 a Christmas rhyme? Or 10 Christmas categories (if the category is Christmas Alcohol, you go round listing things such as ‘egg nog, mulled wine, vanilla vodka, Prosecco etc).

It’s an engaging game that can be played with numerous players, making it perfect for Christmas day.


3- Santa Hat On TV

For something a little more laid back, why not place a Santa hat on the corner of the TV? This game means you can hang out with your friends and family while watching your favourite show or Christmas film – and get tipsy (or borderline drunk) while doing so!

The premise of the game is simple – all you have to do is drink whenever it looks like someone is wearing the hat! This may happen more often than you think, so be sure to have a fair amount of alcohol handy.

This is the ultimate game for Christmas day when you’re full and feeling lazy after you’ve stuffed yourself with Christmas dinner leftovers.

Lounge on the sofa with your family, stick a Santa hat on the corner of the TV, put the Corrie, Eastenders or the Doctor Who Christmas special on and get playing (aka drinking)!


4- The Christmas Card Game

This game can be played anywhere and with anyone – all you need is some alcohol and your stash of Christmas cards. The more players the better, as you can combine your Christmas cards.

Before playing, think of some generic Christmas phrases – for example, ‘tis the season’, ‘festive season’, ‘yule’ or ‘Christmas wishes’. When you come across these phrases in your pile of Christmas cards, then drink. Double shot for Covid themed Christmas cards! Card drinking games can be very fun to play.

However, maybe don’t choose ‘Merry Christmas’ as a phrase to drink to or you’ll end up with a very sore head in the morning!


5- Grinch Game

If you’re a Scrooge, then you could go round the table saying things you hate about Christmas, or things about Christmas that bother you.

For example, you could say ‘Christmas cards are a waste of paper’ or ‘I have to spend 5 hours with my mother in law every Christmas’. If you take longer than 5 seconds to think of one, then you drink!

If you’re not enjoying Christmas, at least this game will get you drunk enough to bear it!

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