Kitchen Appliances You Must Buys In 2021

If you love technology as much as you love cooking, then you’ll be glad to hear there are plenty of ways to combine the two.

You can use technology and kitchen appliances to automate the cooking process, stay updated on food, and stick to recipes.

There are many different kitchen appliances out there, from multi-purpose devices such as ovens to more specific appliances such as coffee makers and wine coolers.

There are also some appliances you might have never heard of before. Give them a try and you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

Here are some of the kitchen appliances must-buys in 2021.


Helpful Appliances And Gadgets

There’s no need to go overboard with kitchen appliances and break the bank. There are plenty of inexpensive devices you can tuck away in drawers until you need them.

The Meater+ is one such device. This handy little gadget is a Bluetooth-connected monitor that wirelessly measures the temperature of meat as it cooks.

You don’t even have to stick around and watch the numbers go up. The appliance connects to your phone and alerts you when your meat reaches the optimal temperature.


Immersion Circulators

Sous vide is a relatively new cooking technique that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It wasn’t long before an appliance came along to make things easier.

Sous vide cooking involves vacuum sealing your food and immersing it in water kept to a precise temperature. Sealing the food means that no moisture is lost while the water temperature ensures the food doesn’t overcook.

The finished result is perfectly cooked and tender food. Sometimes a chef sears it in a pan to add some texture without compromising the food.

You can make sous vide food at home with a sous vide machine with a built-in water bath, or you can use an immersion circulator. These appliances attach to the side of a plastic box or stockpot.

Different models can have different controls and design features, but they all serve the same fundamental purpose: heating water to the desired temperature within one degree.


Countertop Appliances

If you have empty space on your countertop, then you should consider some top-quality high-tech appliances that do most – if not all – of the work for you.

For example, the Tovala Steam oven is a multi-purpose smart oven that does it all from baking and broiling to steaming. Control the oven with your phone and QR codes and have your food practically cook itself.

The Brava Oven works much the same, with an app and touchscreen that lets you choose from a variety of pre-programmed recipes. The AmazonBasics Microwave is another good choice.

This basic smart microwave costs around as much as a regular microwave. Instead of being controlled by an app or touchscreen, you connect it to Amazon Alexa and issue voice commands.

You’ll need an Alexa device to use it, but if you already have one then why not see what AmazonBasics has to offer?


Bigger And Better

If you have money to burn you can look into getting bigger and better appliances. Companies such as LG and Samsung have spent a good few years putting together connected ovens and refrigerators.

Some of these gadgets let you check their status through your phone so you can take stock of how much food and ice you have. Other units have a touch screen and can work as a central hub for all the devices in your kitchen.

One downside of these products is how much they cost. You can expect to pay a premium price for such a premium kitchen appliance.

The good news is that they are just as powerful, if not more so than the highest-end non-smart refrigerators. You’ll get everything you’d expect from a top product but with extra features that make the price tag worth it.


Final Thoughts

Technology has come a long way in recent years and only continues to advance.

Your kitchen will never be the same again when you try these kitchen appliances. Connect your phone to your kitchen to do everything from seeing inside your fridge to following recipes and cooking food automatically.

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