How Long Will Wine Last?

Sometimes you open that bottle of wine for a party and it isn’t finished. Maybe you had some alone. Either way, in the fridge it goes. Then you are left with a very important question: how long will my wine stay good?

It is definitely possible to keep wine for a short time, or even longer if the wine is of a good quality.

The best way to store an opened bottle of wine is re-corking it and putting it in the fridge. When you follow those steps, you limit the wines exposure to oxygen light and heat, which are all things that cause wine to go bad. When wine goes bad bacteria consumes the alcohol in the wine, which gives it a vinegary smell and taste.

There are several factors that go into how long wine will stay fresh after being opened. Because there are so many kinds of wine, it is impossible to say exactly how long it will stay good enough to drink. Some wines will last up to a month, but most retail wines will go bad after three to five days. The type of wine matters, whether it is red, white or another type.

If you were on top of it and followed the directions to preserve the drink, a red or white wine can last up to five days. Sparkling wine will typically last one to three days before it becomes disgusting. Fortified wine can have the longest shelf life of almost a month, if kept in a chilly, dark place.


Wine Storage Solutions

If you are someone who regularly enjoys wine, either alone or with friends, it is recommended you invest in a sturdy storage solution.

Regular refrigerators are typically around 35 degrees. Such a low temperature could dry out the corks, which would let air into the wine and cause it to go bad. Also, having a dedicated cooler for wine can prevent accidental breakages when rummaging around in your fridge.

Wine coolers are specially made to keep wine cool and fresh. They are stable and not prone to movement like refrigerators, which could disturb the wine inside. Violent vibrations, like from a train, could shift the sediments inside aged wines, making them disgustingly gritty and unpleasant to drink.

The materials that make up wine coolers are sturdy and built to take the weight of multiple bottles without breaking.

When considering which wine cooler to purchase, it is important to think about what you think your wine purchasing habits will be. Are you a hobbyist who just needs something small to hold a few bottles? Or are you a serious collector with wines that need to age for years before drinking? Some wine coolers come with sections that have different temps for wines that need different conditions. Others have alarms for coolers that hold expensive bottles.

Purchasing a wine cooler is a great investment. You don’t have to splurge thousands and thousands of dollars on a top of the line cooler if you are a beginner. Start smaller and work your way up as you become more comfortable with the wine industry.

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