3 Halloween Food Ideas for Adults

Halloween food ideas for adults do not have to involve pumpkin pie. However, that being said, there are other ways in which you can include pumpkin on your Halloween menu.

Thankfully, Halloween falls during one of the most exciting times of the year for food gourmets. Foods such as horse chestnuts, mushrooms, and squashes are available in abundance this time of year. Your Halloween menu does not need to be boring at all.

To add a special touch, don’t forget to include a bottle or two of blood red Cabernet Sauvignon wine or Ribero Del Duero wine.


The Best Starter For Your Halloween Dinner Party

Remember that the nights are drawing in and it is getting a bit colder.

A good starter for your party would be a Chanterelle mushroom soup. Some call the Chanterelle mushroom the king of fungi. There is a very good reason for that. It is simply a taste sensation.

The Chanterelle mushroom is one of the few mushrooms that does not need a lot of spices to make it taste truly great. Sautee it together with salted butter and garlic and you have an award winning starter within minutes. Sure, you can easily turn into a soup. However, thanks to its ability to keep its colour, it looks great on toast or turned into a delicious pate.


A Main To Die For

Beef Wellington is much easier to make than you may think. Normally this dish is made using a rich pate and perhaps mushrooms. But, to create a Halloween taste sensation, you may want to consider using horse chestnuts instead.

You can turn the horse chestnut into a pate or let them roast along with the Beef Wellington. If you decide you want to roast them along with the beef. consider using pumpkin to wrap your beef in.

Simply, boil the pumpkin until it is soft, mash it up, and put around the beef before you put the puff pastry boot on. A delicious recipe that will taste and smell of the season.


Delicious Dessert For Scary Moments

How about making a truly blood red ice-cream? If you have your own ice-cream maker, creating your own Halloween ice-cream is easy.

Start with a basic vanilla ice-cream and add the freshest raspberries that you can find. After you have done so, you want to add some beetroot colouring. It is totally flavourless but will add that red colour we associate with blood curdling screams. Beetroot food colouring is available in most supermarkets in a form of a powder or you can buy it online from quality retailers.

Finally, don’t forget about setting the scene. Why not add a ghoulish table cloth and some spine chilling napkins? If you have a white table cloth available, you can personalise your table cloth with pumpkins and other colourful objects by using fabric paints.

And why not do away with your trusted friend the ice-bucket for pre-dinners drinks? Instead place a witches cauldron on the table, fill it with some dry ice to complete the effect. Light some dark or black candles, and you will have the dinner party your guests will remember for a long time to come.

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