European Foods You Must Try

From everyone’s favourite pizza to the world-renowned dish known as pasta, Europe is home to some of the world’s most famous food. If you plan to experience only the finest of culinary arts, then a trip through Europe is definitely your go-to.

Naturally, each country will have its own specialities that cater to different tastes. These dishes are often known throughout the country and are attractions to plenty of tourists.

Traditional food tells you about a country’s culture and even history. This article will guide you through some of the most mouth-watering dishes in the entirety of Europe. Who knows? You might even find yourself planning your next trip.


Austria – Strudel

Strudel is a wonderful dish that is mainly made of very crisp dough that is layered delicately.

This particular dish can vary in terms of its fillings. For the majority of people in Austria, however, apple filling for Strudel along with some raisins is the best choice to satisfy your taste glands.

This dish is quite common in the country and can be found in just about any town or city. Locals will likely recommend you to top this lovely meal off with vanilla sauce or even whipped cream.

Although Strudel is part of Austrian cuisine, this dish is also very popular in other Central European countries.


Belarus – Potato Pancake

Yes, you read that right. This unique dish uses grated potatoes, eggs, as well as minced onions to create the perfect breakfast or snack. The potato pancake is commonly served along with sour cream.

Due to its popularity, plenty of restaurants in Belarus offer this meal and even street food, vendors. Although this delicious dish is different from the pancakes people are used to, they offer a taste like no other pancake you have tasted.

Since gaining its independence, Belarus has been consistently improving and crafting new ideas for its cuisine and culture.

Among those, the potato pancake has risen in popularity and has gotten the attention of plenty of tourists all over the world.


Belgium – Waffles

Of the many foods that Belgium has to offer, Belgian waffles are probably a household favourite. Although the dish is commonly eaten with lots of syrup, the dish is commonly enjoyed as plain street food in Belgium.

Toppings such as whipped cream and sliced berries are popularly served with Belgian waffles. Belgian waffles were originally introduced to North America by the Belgian, Walter Cleyman in the 1960s.

Soon enough, it continued gaining popularity in the United States during the 1964 New York World Fair. This further spread throughout the world to become the household dish that people adore to eat as a sweet treat.


Cyprus – Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi cheese is a popular appetiser and snack in Greece and the Middle East, although it actually originated in Cyprus.

Being a mixture of goat and sheep milk, this delicacy became famed for its distinct taste and texture. These two ingredients made the cheese perfect for grilling more than melting.

This dish has been produced in several multi-ethnic communities for many centuries. It gained popularity so that the delicacy eventually became widely available all throughout Turkey which has led to it further becoming popular in Europe.

Finland – Karelian Pies

Karelian Pies are simple delicacies that feature a thin crust with potato, rice, or carrots as stuffing.

Additionally, they are best enjoyed with egg butter or hard-boiled eggs to be spread on top. Although the dish may be simplistic as a whole, it certainly has an unmatched taste that is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger.

The oldest pastries commonly contained rye crust and even wheat in order to enhance their baking characteristics.

Today, they are still made of rye crust but instead have fillings of rice, mashed potato, and carrots. Any local of Finland will likely suggest you try this wonderful and unique dish.



The list above only features some of the best delicacies you can enjoy in Europe but there is still more foods that you could try in Europe.

With each dish containing its own individual history, you are guaranteed to have a unique taste that will make you crave more.

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