Strange Toppings To Try On A Pizza

There’s nothing quite like a pizza – it’s a delicious option whether you’re with friends, you don’t have the energy to cook a meal, or you simply fancy a treat.

There are countless pizzas to choose from in any supermarket, take out or restaurant – from traditional margarita or a veggie pizza to a meat-feast or Hawaiian.

But did you know that you can use pretty much any food you can find in your kitchen as a pizza topping?

Read on for some strange pizza topping choices that might just work. Be warned – they may not be to everybody’s taste!


Macaroni Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? Well, if you’re lactose intolerant, you may want to skip this one (and the next one!).

Macaroni cheese makes a great meal or side dish – but have you ever considered macaroni cheese as a topping?

If you love pizza and macaroni cheese, why not combine them to make a tasty macaroni cheese pizza? To add a little more flavour, you could add strips of bacon, or a sprinkle of garlic.

It may seem a little unconventional but why wouldn’t macaroni cheese taste well with pizza? It’s sure to be delicious – and believe it or not, it isn’t the strangest option on this list.

However, it may be a messy meal, so be sure to use a plate!



Pizza is traditionally a savoury food, but with the right toppings, you could make a pizza into a delicious dessert or sweet snack.

Instead of a tomato or barbecue base, opt for Nutella or chocolate spread. You can top it with any sweet treats of your choice – marshmallows, cookies, chocolate chips, or even chunks of your favourite chocolate bar – Kinder Bueno, Rolos, or Magic Stars.

You could also add fruity treats to a chocolate pizza – strawberries and chocolate always pair perfectly.

Drizzle some melted white chocolate or a drop of yoghurt over your pizza – and voila! A tasty dessert pizza ready to eat.



Another topping that can be a great addition to a pizza is coconut – you can sprinkle some coconut shavings on a dessert pizza alongside chocolate or strawberries, or add it to a traditional pizza.

Coconut can be a great addition to a creamy mushroom pizza, and can really compliment the flavours. Coconut also pairs well with garlic – so why not make a cheesy garlic-bread style pizza and add coconut as a tasty topping.



Although (definitely) not one of the healthiest options out there, McDonald’s can be added to a pizza to make it a fast-food feast.

Whether you get a McDonald’s breakfast and add your hash browns or chunks of a sausage patty to your pizza for a breakfast treat, or you create a Happy Meal pizza, it’s sure to taste delicious.

You can even add fries, McNuggets or mozzarella sticks to your pizza! You certainly won’t be the first or last to do this – and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised (until you check your cholesterol levels!).


Mashed Potato

Potatoes are a delicious addition to any meal, and you can eat them in a variety of ways. Chips, crisps, baked potato, hash browns, and of course, mash are all made using potatoes.

The idea of adding mashed potato to pizza has probably never occurred to you, but once you try it, you’ll probably try it again.

Maybe it won’t taste too good on a regular pizza with pepperoni and peppers, but maybe if you tailor the pizza to the mash and add gravy, beef, and onions, it’ll taste great.

You may think that mashed potato is best suited to pies and Sunday roasts, some people swear that it tastes great on pizza.

Maybe those people really love mash – or maybe they’re onto something…


Baked Beans

Do you remember the big baked bean hype? People raved about baked bean shots, baked bean lasagne, and even baked bean curry – but did you hear of baked bean pizza?

Baked beans go perfectly with cheese – so surely they’ll make a great pizza topping.

It’s not that unusual a concept, but it’s still worth a mention on our list of strange toppings to try on a pizza.

In fact, Heinz came out with a baked bean pizza back in the ‘90s – and people loved it!

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