Low Carb Wine – The Guide To Drinking Wine Whilst On A Diet

Whilst on a diet, low carb diets are becoming increasingly popular. This method of losing weight is called a keto diet.

A ketogenic (keto diet) is a low carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits such as reducing your appetite and it also lowers blood sugar.

Wine usually cannot be drunk whilst on a keto diet as wine contains sugars and artificial sweeteners which contain high amounts of carbs.

However, new low carb wines are being produced which are keto-friendly. In this blog, I will tell you how you can remain on a keto diet whilst enjoying a glass of wine.


How Are Carbs In Wine?

The question that many people wonder is how do carbs get into wine. The way that carbs are in wine is because of residual sugar.

During the fermentation process of creating alcohol, the yeast binds with the carbohydrates which brew alcohol. The sugars that haven’t been fermented during the fermentation process is residual sugar which is what adds the calories to wine.

Many wineries add more residual sugar to their wines if they want the wine to be sweet which makes it a no-go whilst on a keto diet as the sweetness makes the drink a high carb drink.


What Is The Difference With Low Carb Wine?

The main difference between a low carb wine and a normal wine is the amount of sugar added. This is because new winemakers have started to create a new fermentation process where the yeast uses the natural sugars from the grapes allowing the wine to be carb-free.

This new process is becoming increasingly popular in a society where more people are watching what they eat and drink which have allowed these new wines to be successful whilst being equally as tasty and healthy.


How To Avoid High Carb Wine

Being aware of what wines are good and what is bad can be a long and difficult process. Wines don’t tell you many carbs there are in them therefore it’s best to look for the types of wine that you know are high carb.

Any wine that you know is sweet should be instantly avoided as this is high-carb.

Any wines that are labelled as late harvest should also be avoided as the grapes have been grown for longer which creates a higher sugar content which then increases the amount of wine.


What Brand Is Best?

Whilst learning about wine, it has also been an experience to try a variety of different low carb wines to taste the flavour and quality of the wine.

From completing this, ThinK Wine Group and their low carb wine are the best on the market for their quality and taste.

This is because they offer a solution that gives people on keto the chance to enjoy a wine that is carb-free whilst not allowing a lack of sugar to reduce the taste.

To find out more about the wine that ThinK offer, view their range of low carb wine to be able to enjoy a hard earnt glass without the guilt of going over your recommended carb limit.

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