The Best Gin Mixers in 2020 (Our Top 5!)

It’s gin o’clock, pair it with these tasty mixers to get a new wide variety of flavours in your life.

Recently more and more Gin seems to everyone’s go to drink whether that , and we hardly blame them as it’s lovely paired with the right mixers and it has very low calories compared to other spirits so it won’t be a massive hit on that waistline. A win win!

Some of these mixers you may have already dabbled in but some may open your tastebuds to a whole new different world.

So which are the best mixers to increase your gin tasting experience? Well we bring to you the 5 Best Gin Mixers in 2020 to make sure you are getting the best out of that bottle of gin.


Tonic Water

We start the list with the obvious first choice that is most synonymous with Gin, good ol’ Tonic Water. Gin and Tonic is the embodiment of a light, easy and flavourful alcoholic drink.

The quinine bitterness with just a touch of sweetness of the Tonic Water mixes perfectly with the Gin, to further the flavour of this iconic drink add a slice of lime and some ice.

Did you the cocktail was introduced by the British East India Company when they were in India?

In India at the time malaria was a major problem and Scottish doctor George Cleghorn discovered that quinine could be used to prevent the disease.

So they began to drink Tonic Water due to it’s quinine intake but the bitter taste was unpleasant so British officers began to mix it with water, sugar, lime and gin. Thus Gin and Tonic was born for all of us to enjoy today!


Lemonade or Lime Juice

One of the most refreshing combinations you can try to quench your Gin thirst with is some lemonade, throw a couple of ice cubes in there and you’ve got yourself a perfect hot summer drink to enjoy.

If you are looking for another citrus taste that isn’t lemonade you can substitute it for Lime Juice made famous once again by the British Army.

Make sure not to go too crazy with the lime juice as it’s a very strong flavour and could mask the flavours of the gin. It’s best to go for a 3:1 ratio when pouring lime juice into gin.


Pineapple Juice

A delicious match that even Snoop Dogg has endorsed. The sweet and tropical flavours from the pineapple juice perfectly complement the gin due to the citrus elements inside the pineapple juice.

Not many would go for this or even know about it due to pineapple juice being well known for mainly going in Tiki style drinks.

Try it and might just become your go to drink for the future.


Ginger Beer

Slowly becoming a well known trend inside the spirit world, people are now mixing their gin with ginger beer paired again with a slice of lime and we can hardly blame them as it’s a wonderful taste of flavours and a fresh take.

To enhance your flavour by even more you can grate some fresh ginger into it, to give it that more organic kick. Be careful though as ginger often has a very spicy taste so don’t go too overboard.



Probably second behind Tonic in Gin’s most iconic mixer is Vermouth as when you mix Gin with Vermouth you get a martini, a well known cocktail that has been around for hundreds of years.

When mixed Vermouth gives you a light and clean cocktail. If that’s not your style you can always make it a dirty martini. We won’t judge you for it, it’s been a very crazy year.


Grab A Glass And Enjoy

With gin’s ever growing popularity, it’s a great chance to try out all these tasty combinations to find your perfect gin mixer.

These mixers will elevate your gin game to the next level, with different fresh flavours and aromas for you to enjoy whether that’d be just kicking back at home watching your new favourite series, a family gathering or a night out on the town.

If we missed any of your favourite mixers with gin, let us know in the comments!

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