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yew collage

What each plant portrait contains
Each composite illustration is a comprehensive plant portrait of a single taxon or plant species, 
showing the diagnostic and, where space allows, also the characteristic features of that plant. 
All parts and dissections within it are shown to scale by a metric scale bar, and where appropriate, 
the notable parts are colour referenced. In addition, each illustration contains a time bar showing 
the month/s of flowering, botanical symbols, and a title block, in which the currently accepted Latin plant name, author for the name, any common name/s and the accepted botanical family name are displayed. The works are largely, but not totally, photographic.

The aim is for scientific, reference-standard images and so each one takes a long time to complete accurately. These are ongoing works; should an improved part become available, then it may be substituted for an earlier less informative part.

The composite images shown here are in a vertical (portrait) format, but can be, or have
been, recreated in a horizontal (landscape) format, or indeed any other shape, to suit requirements.

The images shown here are designed for A3 size output. However, they can be reduced or enlarged.
Plant portfolios
As a result of creating these composite illustrations, a considerable portfolio of images of each plant 
illustrated has been built up. Photographs, taken throughout the year, include habit shots as well as botanical details. In addition, a voucher herbarium specimen is made of each plant.